Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fort Visit Bandhavgarh

Dear All
Today I went to the park for the first time in over two months. Satyendra had to get the vehicle passed for the Fort drive so we decided to go there rather than join the crowd. It was a peaceful drive and I was glad to be out and about again. Though no tiger was found for the elephant showing we saw fresh pugs of the male on Sidh Baba but which one was difficult to say. Also on the fort road we saw pugs of the female Pyari and her cubs coming off the plateau but heard no alarm calls. So there was some action to be had if one had been lucky earlier.

Satyendra spent his time photographing flowers and trees. We both noticed the absense of vultures and particularly on the nest sights. It seems the population has fallen this season. Our best sighting was of the peregrine on Bathan cliffs. This bird can be seen on regular occassions if one goes to the fort during the morning hours. Apart from this a beautiful young sambar and fawn made and appearance plus the usual langurs and malabar pied hornbill were spotted.

Most noticeable on the drive was the dryness of the forest and the low water table. This summer could be alot drier than last for the animals. I fear if we do not get an over adequate monsoon that Bandhavgarh is slowly dying. We will all have to take note of our water consuption for fear we might end up with nothing soon. For this purpose we are constructing a pond in our land and a new open well to try and increase our water table and conserve the ground water table.

Having proved Greenys road worthy qualities and there being no tiger found we were back home by 9am. More tomorrow. And to all who have meet One Eyed Kitten, she is doing great on her special food diet!

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  1. what about the tiger cub got killed under Satyndra's gypsy?